Healthcare value analysis is more complicated now than ever. The number of stakeholders involved in getting the right medical technology to the right patient extends from hospital supply chain teams to physician leaders all the way to medical device companies and their representatives.


Hospital supply chain executives and their physician and vendor partners must collaborate to balance clinical evidence, costs, and physician preferences when introducing new products and technologies into their hospital systems. With GreenLight Medical’s product and technology management solutions, teams have all of the data and communications network necessary to collaborate effectively and timely.


At the heart of GreenLight Medical’s latest enhancements is integration. It is vital that value analysis teams have comprehensive access to critical information throughout the entire decision-making process from the moment that a physician begins considering or evaluating a product until the product is on contract.


Product Research Library

GreenLight Medical Product Comparison

GreenLight’s product research team has built an extensive medical Product Research Library in an easy-to-use search engine. The database includes information regarding recalls, FDA regulatory data, and clinical evidence on thousands of products directly tied into the value analysis process.


Teams use the PRL to identify clinically equivalent products, review FDA recall data on all products, request additional data directly from vendors or GreenLight researchers, and search for products by name or manufacturer, or description.


Clinical Evidence


Value analysis teams are tasked with effectively balancing competing requirements around cost, availability and clinical efficacy, and safety. GreenLight’s Clinical Evidence module for value analysis teams includes two key components: first, all of the clinical evidence associated with a  new product request is automatically available in the value analysis workflow process. Additionally, as value analysis teams need custom research or to address specific clinician questions, the biomedical research team at GreenLight will conduct and coordinate additional clinical evidence research.


Product Roadmap in Q3: Contract Identification

Supply chain teams reviewing products that have been submitted for review will be able to preemptively see the contract status of each product in the network. In many decentralized value analysis teams, contract identification information is not readily available and so work is often duplicated. With GreenLight, value analysis contract solutions, teams will be able to quickly review and identify contract status in the early stages of the request and are able to use that data to accelerate the review process.


Ultimately, with the aid of GreenLight Medical value analysis solutions, supply chain leaders and their teams can access comprehensive clinical evidence, research through a library of thousands of medical devices and drugs, while effectively working with clinicians to optimize patient care. Access a free trial of GreenLight’s solutions here.