Press Release: GreenLight Medical Expands Clinical Evidence & Value Analysis Capabilities

New Product Research Library and Clinical Evidence Research Modules Serve Core Health Systems

GreenLight Medical, a cloud-based software platform that accelerates healthcare provider decision-making, today announces two new product module additions to its platform for hospitals, ASCs, and physicians. These new capabilities strengthen GreenLight Medical’s position as the leading healthcare technology company serving core health systems.

With these additions, all of GreenLight Medical’s hospital and ASC partners will have access to two new modules in the platform: Product Research Library, an in-depth database of over 17,000 medical products with product education and a direct connection to medical supplier data, and Clinical Evidence Research, which includes custom clinical research requests and a comprehensive clinical evidence database on thousands of medical products. Both modules operate within GreenLight’s larger network of corresponding modules, allowing stakeholders to bring additional value to their health systems through integrated data.

“We recognize that clinical evidence is at the heart of hospital value analysis and supply chain, a reality that has only increased since COVID-19. After hiring a dedicated team of researchers, we developed and refined these product modules for over a year to allow our partners to assess and compare thousands of FDA-approved medical products and equipment at any time. The modules are fully integrated into our current new product request and value analysis solution set. I’m personally very excited for our hospitals to combine comprehensive clinical, financial, and operational insights into one strategic asset to drive their product selection process,” said Austin Dirks, CEO, and Founder of GreenLight Medical.

These new modules advance GreenLight’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its hospital partners by:

  • Helping value analysis teams leverage clinical evidence in the new product evaluation and management process
  • Reducing friction and lost time between health systems and suppliers through direct integration with representatives within the Product Research Library
  • Expanding provider access to complete data, including product safety information and product equivalents for comparing new technology, all through an accessible and fully integrated encyclopedia of products

In the coming months, GreenLight Medical plans to release another product on its roadmap. Automated Contract Recognition is a new feature that will support health systems by ensuring transparency into the contract status of each medical product they are reviewing.

About GreenLight Medical

Based in Nashville, TN, GreenLight is a cloud platform used for the introduction and evaluation of new medical technology by hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physicians in collaboration with medical device companies. The software platform accelerates healthcare provider decision-making by ensuring that hospital leadership make informed decisions with their physicians on technology adoption and use. With a team of 25+ engineers, clinical researchers, and supply chain process experts, GreenLight is a proud partner of hundreds of hospitals nationwide and many of the leading medical device companies in America. Among other accolades, GreenLight has been recognized as the Healthcare Startup of the Year, the Small Business of the Year, Nashville Best in Business Winner, and the Tech Company of the Year finalist. Austin Dirks, CEO and Founder of the company, has been recognized by the Nashville Tech Council as the Emerging Leader of the Year for 2021, and Nashville Business Journal’s 40 under 40. For more information, visit:

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Towards a Clinically-Driven Value Analysis Process

Towards a Clinically-Driven Value Analysis Process

Healthcare value analysis is more complicated now than ever. The number of stakeholders involved in getting the right medical technology to the right patient extends from hospital supply chain teams to physician leaders all the way to medical device companies and their representatives.


Hospital supply chain executives and their physician and vendor partners must collaborate to balance clinical evidence, costs, and physician preferences when introducing new products and technologies into their hospital systems. With GreenLight Medical’s product and technology management solutions, teams have all of the data and communications network necessary to collaborate effectively and timely.


At the heart of GreenLight Medical’s latest enhancements is integration. It is vital that value analysis teams have comprehensive access to critical information throughout the entire decision-making process from the moment that a physician begins considering or evaluating a product until the product is on contract.


Product Research Library

GreenLight Medical Product Comparison

GreenLight’s product research team has built an extensive medical Product Research Library in an easy-to-use search engine. The database includes information regarding recalls, FDA regulatory data, and clinical evidence on thousands of products directly tied into the value analysis process.


Teams use the PRL to identify clinically equivalent products, review FDA recall data on all products, request additional data directly from vendors or GreenLight researchers, and search for products by name or manufacturer, or description.


Clinical Evidence


Value analysis teams are tasked with effectively balancing competing requirements around cost, availability and clinical efficacy, and safety. GreenLight’s Clinical Evidence module for value analysis teams includes two key components: first, all of the clinical evidence associated with a  new product request is automatically available in the value analysis workflow process. Additionally, as value analysis teams need custom research or to address specific clinician questions, the biomedical research team at GreenLight will conduct and coordinate additional clinical evidence research.


Product Roadmap in Q3: Contract Identification

Supply chain teams reviewing products that have been submitted for review will be able to preemptively see the contract status of each product in the network. In many decentralized value analysis teams, contract identification information is not readily available and so work is often duplicated. With GreenLight, value analysis contract solutions, teams will be able to quickly review and identify contract status in the early stages of the request and are able to use that data to accelerate the review process.


Ultimately, with the aid of GreenLight Medical value analysis solutions, supply chain leaders and their teams can access comprehensive clinical evidence, research through a library of thousands of medical devices and drugs, while effectively working with clinicians to optimize patient care. Access a free trial of GreenLight’s solutions here.

GreenLight Medical Announces COVID-19 Resources to Equip Healthcare Organizations to Solve Emergency Sourcing Crisis

GreenLight Medical Announces COVID-19 Resources to Equip Healthcare Organizations to Solve Emergency Sourcing Crisis

NASHVILLE, Tenn.April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As hospitals continue to battle rising cases of COVID-19 across the United States, health systems are operating under supply chain shortages and difficult circumstances. GreenLight Medical, Inc., a leading healthcare supply chain technology company, is launching a COVID-19 Supply Chain Toolkit with urgent and timely resources.

The resources are designed to help health systems and healthcare providers access the data, collaboration platforms and product expertise they need to serve physicians, hospital personnel and patients in the midst of this pandemic. GreenLight will be providing complimentary access during these unprecedented times to its Virtual Value Analysis Platform, Product Research Library, Clinical Evidence Research, and supply chain best practices webinars and white papers.

COVID-19 Product Education & Sourcing Challenges

Due to extremely limited inventories of essential medical supplies including personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators, GreenLight has prioritized the expansion of the PPE and COVID-19 product database to provide partners with rapid access to product information, FDA compliance, clinically equivalent alternatives, and safety and recall data. The GreenLight platform provides a direct connection to verified suppliers of COVID-19 products to streamline product access for healthcare systems and providers.

“Our hospital partners need support along multiple fronts, including technology, data and frameworks to develop resilience in the healthcare supply chain. As we innovate our software solutions to keep pace with hospital demands, we are also expanding our value analysis advisory services to ensure that facilities can implement a fully operational virtual value analysis program and governance structure within a few weeks’ time,” said Austin Dirks, CEO, GreenLight Medical.

“We have a responsibility to prioritize the development of features and resources that equip hospitals to directly manage COVID-19 supplies. Newly released tools from GreenLight will provide vetted and comprehensive product information, product sourcing, and processes that will ensure available inventory and adherence to hospital new product policy. Our commitment is to ensure high-quality medical products are reaching physicians and hospital personnel.”

GreenLight’s data, research and engineering teams have built a responsive and relevant repository of COVID-19 products and medical information to ensure all stakeholders have the data they need to drive actionable insights and source necessary supplies. Non-partnered hospitals and health systems will be able to leverage GreenLight’s medical device research to accelerate the identification and acquisition of medical devices, product equivalents, clinical evidence and FDA guidelines on COVID-19 products.

Resources Include Complimentary Access, a Virtual Value Analysis Supply Chain Platform and a Medical Product Research Library

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