Medical Device Companies

GreenLight Medical Corporate Solutions

Our end-to-end solution connects you to hospital value analysis committees and physicians in one streamlined process.

Greenlight Medical Product Library

Create product visibility with ease

A searchable database of products and corresponding research create visibility for your products and a direct link to your field sales reps.

GreenLight Medical Rep Connect

Accelerate product adoption

We help you effortlessly connect to physicians and health systems by linking your products and field sales reps to the stakeholders seeking them. Stay in the know by tracking new requests for each product.

Greenlight Medical New Product Management

Manage new product requests with transparency

A single solution for handling all aspects of product introduction and hospital value analysis. Easily view product approval progress while educating your customer on your technology.

GreenLight Medical Product Evaluation

Understand decision-making rationale

Streamline product requests and gain visibility into critical aspects of the decision-making and value analysis processes to boost transparency and help you prepare critical information.

Built for Sales Enablement

Manage your sales cycle, glean powerful insights, and work with your team remotely, all while providing the right data at the right time to decision-makers. Discover why medical device companies choose GreenLight Medical.

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Get Your Medical Reps in the Door

Learn more about how you can better activate your field reps, connect with health systems, and increase sales opportunities by connecting your medical reps to GreenLight Medical.

Hear from our Medical Device Companies

“In my role as an administrative support associate, I assist our field sales associates with new product requests through various value analysis platforms. This being said, not all platforms are created equal. When a value analysis request comes across my desk, I let out a sigh of relief when I see the words, ‘GreenLight Medical’

Kay Bergman

Medical Device Manufacturer

“I have found the GreenLight Medical platform very easy to navigate, and I really like the fact that the vendor is notified of the different stages of the VAC process as it happens. I have also found both the online support feature as well as live support, when needed, to be very knowledgeable and responsive.”

Jay Speelhoffer

Senior Director, Business Operations

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Product Research Library


Comprehensive product profile analytics to increase awareness


Company-specific product profiles to promote stakeholder education


Integration with RepConnect

GreenLight Medical Product Comparison
GreenLight Medical Rep Connect

Rep Connect


Ability to accelerate product adoption through marketing awareness


Access to the GreenLight Product Library to directly connect products and field sales reps with stakeholders seeking new products


Ability to track new product requests for each product in the library

New Product Management


Visibility to new product requests on a per-hospital, per sales-rep, and per-submission basis


Online web-based new product request process with easy copy and approve management


Data reporting/exporting

GreenLight Medical Product Evaluation
GreenLight Medical Product Comparison

Product Intelligence

Awareness of all new product requests for all partner hospitals

Ability to directly communicate with key hospital stakeholders


Visibility to value analysis process and decision rationale for product approval

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Don’t wait for word to get out about your new medical technology. The GreenLight Medical Product Marketplace is where providers discover your products and connect directly with you.

Physician Engagement

No more tracking down physicians for a hallway conversation. GreenLight Medical auto-prompts physicians to review data and lets them respond by email. They never have to learn a new system or even log in—it’s workflow that makes sense.

With 24/7 access to data, discussions and decision-making tools, GreenLight Medical lets physicians lend their clinical expertise to your value analysis process with less workflow disruption.

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