Happy Value Analysis Week to value analysis and healthcare supply chain professionals! 

There has never been a better year to celebrate the individuals within Value Analysis following one of the most tumultuous years supply chain has ever experienced. Despite working under no shortage of challenges, our Value Analysis partners have provided superior value to their health systems, emphasizing their critical role in the healthcare ecosystem. 

For health systems across the country, the process and role of Value Analysis earned a new level of respect as their value was experienced throughout the supply chain, clinician practice, and patient experience. Once a process still lacking clarity in the healthcare sector, Value Analysis proved to be a key partner in equipping clinicians to be able to provide lifesaving care during the pandemic.

In a period of uncharted territory, Value Analysis teams had to lean on the strength of their process while remaining flexible, and programs boasting mature processes were able to maintain their structure while remaining adaptive. While many facilities were unable to source necessary supplies, systems with a strong Value Analysis team and supply chain were able to maintain decision making processes, leverage supplier relationships and contracts, creatively source alternative products, employ technology to enhance their capabilities, and participate in rigorous inventory management to conserve products and ensure patient care.

To all the Value Analysis professionals, thank you for the countless ways you rally to create a clinically integrated supply chain and improve patient outcomes.