For health systems across the country, the maturity of their value analysis programs are top-of-mind as the need for evidence-based product review accelerates amidst pandemic and reimbursement-related challenges. 


As value analysis becomes more critical to achieving cost savings and serves as a bridge between patient care and supply chain, more and more hospitals are turning to create robust programs and optimize their processes.


In partnership with RDA, GreenLight Medical decided to benchmark how hospitals approach value analysis, both to enable hospitals to assess their maturity and to analyze the trends in value analysis today. We are pleased to announce the results and report of the 2021 State of Hospital Value Analysis, highlighting the importance of people, processes, and technology in the value analysis infrastructure. 


Some key results include: 

  • Support for value analysis from senior leadership has grown, suggesting a positive increase in value analysis buy-in across health systems. 
  • Reimbursement considerations have increased in evaluation, suggesting that reliance on data is positively trending upward.  
  • There remains a need for purchased services to be included in the value analysis process, leaving room for increased cost-savings.    
  • With the majority of systems relying on a homegrown solution, manual processes still exist within value analysis, revealing opportunities for digital transformation for many systems.  


To access more information, request the full report here


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