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How new product decisions get made

A smart ecosystem for medical technology introduction and assessment


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The GreenLight Advantage

See how GreenLight’s cloud-based platform effortlessly aligns supply chain leadership, physicians, and vendors to drive clinically- and financially-backed product decisions for health systems across the nation.
GreenLight Medical Product Evaluation

Hospitals & Health Systems

Simplify evidence-based purchasing, streamline value analysis, and enhance physician engagement

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Link all physician medical technology selection in one portal for greater transparency and optimized clinical decision-making
GreenLight Medical Product Comparison
GreenLight Medical Clinical Evidence

Physicians & Physician Groups

Discover new products and access high-quality evidence on new medical technology

Medical Device Companies

Boost new product awareness, streamline sales efforts, and collaborate with your sales force
greenlight medical for medical device companies
GreenLight Medical Rep Connect

Medical Sales Representatives

Automate value analysis while strengthening communication and collaboration with hospital and physician stakeholders

Hear from our hospital partners

“GreenLight customized a Value Analysis workflow through product trial and acceptance to building the item number into our system. The results have been remarkable.

Their work on cloud managing a customized Value Analysis portal has made a significant difference to our hospital as we have seen a major increase in participation from our entire enterprise in new product requests from clinical, surgical and systems management that aligns objectives and savings. I recommend GreenLight to all of Healthcare seeking best practice and value on your Value Analysis teams.”

jeffrey bautista

Jeff Bautista

Assistant Director, Supply Chain Services

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“GreenLight has provided a seamless way for me to communicate with my hospital supply chain and provide clinical reasoning for capital expenditures.”

Dr. Steven Gogela, MD


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“GreenLight has been instrumental in the rebranding and relaunching of our Clinical Quality Value Analysis program. The cloud based software has allowed the opportunity to have one platform to share information across our entire organization, administrators, physicians, clinical staff and supply chain. The partnership has been invaluable to the success of the alignment of our 17 different service lines and moving towards a clinically driven supply chain.

The ease of using GreenLight has contributed to the overall success of our program and how we have been able to better engage clinicians across the entire system of 11 acute care facilities, 5 health parks and 504 physician offices.”

Melanie Stone

System Executive Director, Clinical Quality Value Analysis


“GreenLight Medical provides a systematic approach to new product requests and enhances our Value Analysis structure. It does this by streamlining our process and providing a platform where all stakeholders can easily collaborate throughout an otherwise complex and tedious process. GreenLight Medical quickly became a crucial component of our Value Analysis toolkit. The customization options available in this platform provide St. Elizabeth Healthcare the ability to apply this to other Value Analysis directives to include product substitutions and conversions.”

Gina Sharp

Director of Strategic Sourcing


The GreenLight Ecosystem

GreenLight Medical case study
Learn how one hospital IDN harnessed the GreenLight platform to transform its value analysis program. Since implementing GreenLight, the hospital system has experienced 80% increase in physician engagement, 100% participation among department heads, and less than 35 day decision-making on new medical technology.